Aurora Museum & Archives

Sharing the Collective Stories and Experiences of the T​​own of Aurora

Working closely with the team at the Aurora Museum & Archives, we had the pleasure of designing multiple exhibits showcasing the Town of Aurora’s vibrant and rich history. We strive to give each of the exhibits its own unique voice and we love the process of turning all of the text and imagery provided into an engaging walkthrough experience using bold visuals, thoughtful graphic elements and carefully selected typography.

Aurora Museum & Archives Exhibits – 2018 to 2015

Aurora United Church – 200 Years at Yonge and Tyler

The Plow in the Crest – How Joseph Fleury and His Sons Shaped Industry, Politics & Community in Aurora

Aurora – Canada’s Birthday Town

Built Culture – Memories of the Precinct

A Legacy of Sport – A Look at the Importance of Sport in the Town of Aurora Through the Years